New Utility Billing Software


As the Operators for Faulkey Gully MUD, Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc., we are pleased to announce the transition of our water & sewer utility billing software.

Your account number will change with this software transition. Your new account number will be available after 9/1/22. Please look for an email after this date that will allow you to confirm and set up access to your new customer portal. If you do not receive an email, you can request your new account number by emailing us at or calling our office at (281) 367-5511.

If you plan to drop off or mail in payment, you may submit using the current payment coupon at the bottom of your invoice.

Action is required for customers that pay online, by phone, or by automatic draft. Please see additional information, below.

Payment drop-off locations: (cash, check, and money orders)

Spring Location

27316 Spectrum Way, Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385

Katy Location

1825 North Mason Road Katy, Texas 77449

Mail all payment to: (check and money orders)

Faulkey Gully MUD
20141 Schiel Road, Cypress, Texas 77433

Automatic Draft, Payment Online or By Phone: (online bill pay, ACH, re-occurring credit card)

  • To pay online or by phone: please visit, after 9/1/22, to set up a new online account or call our automated IVR system at 346-439-7222.
  • For Online Bank Payments: make sure to update payment information at your bank to your new account number. It is critical to ensure proper posting of your payment.
  • For Automatic ACH service or re-occurring credit card payment: please visit, after 9/1/22, to set up a new online account.

Maintenance of Cypress Creek Tributaries

The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) project: Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek Tributaries has begun near Guernsey Drive and North Eldridge Parkway.

This is part of an ongoing project with multiple crews, all working on various channels simultaneously.

A more complete project description is available at:

Their estimated timeline can be found here:

Winterize Your Home Before a Freeze

Before a freeze, the District wants to provide helpful instructions to protect your pipes if the weather predictions are for a Hard Freeze.

According to the National Weather Service, a Hard Freeze occurs when the temperature reaches 28 degrees, or lower, for at least a few hours.

There are a number of ways to protect the pipes in your home, but the graphics below give instructions on how to drain the internal plumbing, and how to winterize and drain your irrigation system.

Additional instructions to protect your pipes are:

  1. Unhook any outdoor water hoses attached to your faucets.
  2. Wrap outdoor pipes and faucets with foam, rags, or other insulating material. To keep the insulation in place, secure it with string, wire, or tape.
  3. Install insulation or covers over outside water faucets.
  4. Open cabinet doors under your sinks to provide warm air circulation.
  5. Circulate water in your home by allowing at least one sink to drip.
  6. Keep the temperature of your home above 55 degrees.

How to Avoid a Sewer Back-Up

The sewer collection system operates through an open gravity system, which means that the sewer pipes are installed with a slope or inclination towards the treatment plant or the lift stations.

There are no pumps to move the sewer wastewater from the houses to the treatment facilities.

What causes sewer back-ups?

Many factors can interrupt the normal sewer flow inside and outside the houses. The most common are items put into the sewer system other than water and human waste, such as:

Grease, baby wipes, rags, paper (other than toilet paper). These items cannot be broken down in the pipes and can build up enough overtime to stop the flow and create a back-up.

Grease is the most common and frequent cause found when clearing the obstructions. Grease must be disposed of in the trash, not in the sink.

Many homeowners believe that by pouring hot water down the drain for an extended time, the grease will dissolve, however this is untrue.

The hot water simply moves the grease a little further in the house lines and ultimately causes a build-up in the pipes.

Please avoid these costly repairs and potential health hazards by disposing all of these items in the trash.


Cleaning and Televising Inspection Project

In mid January of 2022, Faulkey Gully MUD will begin a five phase cleaning and televising inspection project of all sanitary sewer lines within the District. The goal of this project is to identify any deficiencies in the District’s sanitary sewer system, and later rehabilitate aging infrastructure as necessary. Sanitary sewer cleaning and televising is performed by water-jetting the main sanitary sewer pipes, and running a camera through to investigate the condition of the pipe.

Access to the pipes is gained via manholes, which are located in front or back yard easements. Each phase will take approximately 60-90 days to complete.

The Phase 1 Cleaning and Televising Contract was recently awarded to Aims Companies. The residents within the Phase 1 project area will receive door hangers from the Contractor between 3 and 14 days prior to work commencing within 200 feet of their property. This project should not disrupt normal water and sanitary sewer service.

Streets Scheduled for Phase I (PDF)