Flock Safety is Coming Soon

UPDATE: July 5, 2024

Faulkey Gully M.U.D. (FGMUD) is bringing Flock Safety to our Community. Flock Safety is an automated license plate reader system that will help our local law enforcement agencies identify vehicles that are associated with incidents in FGMUD and surrounding areas. Information from Flock will be received directly by Harris County Pct. 4 Constables and our local law enforcement partners to help fight crime in FGMUD.

Twenty seven cameras will be installed at strategic locations near entrances to our District. Last fall, the FGMUD Board of Directors (“the Board”) voted to implement Flock Safety. We have worked closely with our Harris County Pct. 4 Constables to implement Flock Safety in our Community.

Permits for installation of the cameras have been received and the installation has begun. Flock Safety plans to have all of our camera units operational by August 2024. The FGMUD Board is excited to be leading this effort, so we have gathered some questions and answers that might help our residents to better understand Flock Safety.

What is the Flock Safety system?

Flock Safety is an automated license plate reader system that captures an image of a vehicle as it passes a camera location. License plate information and other vehicle data are securely recorded and made available to law enforcement personnel providing actionable evidence for fighting crime in FGMUD.

What information is collected by Flock Safety cameras?

In addition to providing license plate information, Flock Safety allows law enforcement officers to query various characteristics of a suspect vehicle, including make, model, color and type of the vehicle, license plate information, and other attributes, like a missing hub cap.

Do Flock Safety cameras have facial recognition?

Flock’s solar-powered cameras will be mounted at strategic locations near entry/exit points around our Community. Flock’s technology does not use facial recognition, so the data retrieved will not include any information about the vehicle occupants and is not used for traffic enforcement.

How secure is Flock Safety?

Flock data is fully encrypted and stored securely in Amazon Web Services GovCloud. Information collected is only available to law enforcement agencies. Additionally, Flock Safety defaults to delete stored data after 30 days on a rolling basis. Flock data will not be available to FGMUD or non-law enforcement agencies. Additionally, Flock is contractually obligated not to share or sell information to any third parties.

More information about Flock Safety is available at www.FlockSafety.com or contact FGMUD at www.faulkeygullymud.com

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