STOP House Bill 2525 — Please read, share, and act!

Faulkey Gully MUD Board of Directors wholeheartedly endorse the following statement from Jerry Holman with the Water Users Coalition:

I would encourage everyone to read HB 2525, the creation of the Lake Houston Dredging and Maintenance District, authored by State Representative Huberty. I have read HB 2525, including the (Analysis reports) and I have determined that I cannot and will not support this bill as is. To view the HB2525 Bill Analysis click here.

  • Unnecessarily expands government
  • False premise, dredging Lake Houston will not improve drainage
  • Taxation without representation, appointed directors with the authority to issue revenue bonds without public approval
  • Water users with their own drainage issues will be paying for Kingwood and Atascocita’s drainage problems
  • Water users have already paid over 400 million dollars for the Luce bayou inter basin transfer of water from the Trinity river to Lake Houston
  • Mixing The Ground Water Reduction Plan (Conversion to Surface water) Paid for by Water Users, and this bill (HB2525) & (SB1892) with it’s Vague “Trojan Horse” funding mechanism geared towards the Water Users wallet is just wrong and demoralizing to the good people who have paid billions converting to Surface Water.

When water users understand that they will be paying for the Drainage of Kingwood and Atascocita as part of their water usage fees to the water authorities, they will be rightfully upset and lose confidence in the original intent of the ground water reduction plans. This is a slippery slope and will harm trust and the continued efforts to convert from ground water to surface water. The Board of directors of this new Drainage district will be appointed by the City of Houston and the Harris County Commissioners Court (Not Elected by the Citizens)

We believe HB2525 & SB1892 will go to the Local Government Committee, chaired by Paul Bettencourt. I would suggest that everyone educate themselves on this issue and be prepared to write letters and testify if needed.

Texas Senate:
Paul Bettencourt, Chairman of the local government committee, (HB2525) & (SB1892)

Water Users Coalition
P.O. Box 325
Cypress, Texas 77410-0325