Hike & Bike Trail


As residents of Faulkey Gully Municipal Utility District, the Board of Directors have a vested interest in the amenities of the District and surrounding area. As such, the Directors see value in finding ways to continue to add features to the area that bolster property values and better serve the residents.

A particular opportunity that has been identified is the continuation of the work started more than 30 years ago on the Faulkey Gully Hike and Bike Trail. In the 1990’s the District, along with Malcomson Road UD, Lake Forest UD, and Harris County MUD 18 worked to fund the existing 1.9 miles of trail that currently runs from Lakewood Forest Drive to Guernsey Road. The 1.9 miles was Phase I and II. Phase III was never started due to, at the time, insurmountable property issues. The entire project was to run an asphalt trail from Lakewood Forest Drive all the way to Spring Cypress Road. The property issues no longer exist so phase III can move forward.

The project was done in concert with Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Department. The agreement was that the parks department would build the trail and the municipal utility districts (MUD) involved would pay for the associated materials required to build the trail. The County will build, carry liability and the expense of maintenance of the trail when completed.

In an effort to complete what was started several years ago, the District has approached the County regarding completion of phase III of the Hike and Bike Trail. The county has agreed to continue with the initial agreement; The MUDs provide capital for engineering and construction materials while the County will build and maintain the trail.

North of Spring Cypress Road, 5 miles of trail is currently being constructed by NW Harris County MUD 5 along Faulkey Gully. To the south is Phase I & II of the Faulkey Gully Hike and Bike Trail (1.9 miles) which connects further south to Cypresswood Hike and Bike Trail (2.75 miles) . Phase III will add 2.06 miles to the current trail and connect the north and south sections. The County is also in the process of planning and constructing a trail that will cross Faulkey Gully at Jones Road to the north side of the gully and go behind the HP Campus, winding its way in the vicinity of Cypress Creek under the bridge at Texas Highway 249 to Kickerillo-Mischner Preserve and beyond, thus adding several miles of trail.

To provide residents of the District the opportunity to contribute to the funding of this amenity, the Directors authorize a Voluntary Beautification Fee on the monthly water bill in the amount of $5 per month; residents will be able to opt out. The voluntary fee will serve to alleviate budgeting issues, as two of the four MUD’s that contributed to the first two phases have decided not to participate in the completion of phase III. Upon receipt of the required funds needed to complete the final phase of the trail, the voluntary fee will be removed entirely.

We hope you, as residents, see the value in completing this community project just as we do. Should you have any questions about the Hike and Bike trail or would like more information requiring the scope of work, please email Director Szyman at FGMUDP3@comcast.net.

Director Szyman will conduct an information briefing at the Lakewood Glen clubhouse (13310 Louetta Rd. Cypress, TX 77429) on Saturday, November 20th, 2021, from 11:00 – 12:00 p.m.